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I started this blog to keep in touch with my family and friends during my time attending Commissioned Officer Training (COT) and the Judge Advocate Staff Officer Course (JASOC) at Maxwell Air Force Base in Montgomery, Alabama. Now I'm done with training and back in the "real" world, but I'll keep updating this blog with any interesting developments from my JAG career.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Day 2: First MRE

I had my first MRE today.  We were in between some inprocessing and getting our uniforms, and we had fifteen minutes to eat the MREs we'd been lugging around since breakfast.  It was freezing outside and since I didn't have enough time to figure out  how to heat my meal up, I ate it cold.  Chicken, tomato and feta was the entree.  It might have been good hot, but cold it was terrible.  I also had a package of cornbread stuffing that tasted like dirt.  Also some Reese's pieces (I ate half the bag).  And some instant cappuccino that I threw away.  Oh, and I also had a "Ranger bar" that sounded perhaps chocolatey and yummy.  But it tasted like chalk.  Yum-o!

Everything in the MRE is packaged like this.  This is my chalk Ranger bar.
Funny thing is, I was talking to someone else later in the day about the MREs and she said Mine was pretty good.  I had the chicken, tomato and feta.  I was taken aback.  Did you heat it up?  I asked.  No, she said.  I didn't have time.  She was a prior service trainee, which means that she'd been in the military before as an enlisted member.  If she thinks that MRE tasted good, I don't want to try any others.

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